Easy Rhubarb Galette with Cardamom

This Easy Rhubarb Galette is a delicious and easy dessert that will be a hit with your guests. The galette is made with a flaky pastry crust and filled with a rhubarb compote that is sweet and tart. The galette   Read More >>

5 Ways To Avoid Passing on Body Image Baggage To Your Kids

Teach your kids the importance of body confidence.

One of the most important things your children can learn about is their body confidence. Teaching your children about their body confidence can help them feel good about themselves and set a   Read More >>

WEEKLY MENU PLAN (#409) – Diethood

What are some healthy meals that you can easily make on a weekly basis?

Some healthy meals that you can easily make on a weekly basis are a simple salad with grilled chicken, whole grain pasta with tomato sauce, or   Read More >>

Questified Dipped Cookies & Cream Snack Mix

Questified Dipped Cookies & Cream Snack Mix is a delicious and nutritious snack mix that is perfect for any time of day. It contains Questified Dipped Cookies, Questified Dipped Milky Way Bars, Questioned Crunchy Peanut Butter Balls, and Questioned Chocolate   Read More >>

Tahini Chicken Skewers Keto Friendly

How to make tahini chicken skewers without any seasoning

To make tahini chicken skewers without any seasoning, you will need: – chicken breasts – tahini sauce – garlic – fresh ginger – green onions – skewers

  • Preheat the grill to

Food affairs

Food is not merely a means of sustenance; it is an art form, a language of love, and a reflection of culture. In the vast tapestry of culinary delights, there exists a hidden realm known as “Food Affairs” – a   Read More >>

best CLEAN vegan cosmetics, groceries & nutrition books

The Complete Guide to Veganism: How to Live Ethically and Sustainably by Alicia C. Chapman

This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about veganism. It provides a comprehensive overview of the philosophy and practical aspects   Read More >>

How to Fix Your Anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety in the Morning

There are a few things that you can do to help ease anxiety in the morning. First, make sure that you have a set routine for getting ready. This will help you   Read More >>

My Guide to Big White

With two energetic boys and a local hill with some of the best powder in the world, I recently traded in my snowboard for a set of skis and am loving it (long story, but it involved a lot of


45 Plant-Based Healthy Air Fryer Recipes

Looking for some healthy air fryer recipes? I’ve got you covered with this plant-based air fryer recipe collection, including everything from air fryer potato recipes to air fryer vegetables recipes.

An air fryer can be such a handy appliance in


4 Reasons Why Using Miron Glass to Store Cosmetics Is a Great Idea


The use of reusable cosmetic jars is now a very common thing. It seems people are appreciating the benefits of these jars, including how affordable they are. As you know, there are so many jars out there, each featuring   Read More >>

Dean shares his recipe for Greek Style Cod with Tomato, Onion & Garlic

How to make Greek style cod with tomato, onion and garlic?

To make Greek-style cod with tomato, onion, and garlic, preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut the onion into thin slices and layer it on top of the tomato   Read More >>