FivebalanceUSA prepares relaunch of their Crypto Self improvement mobile app

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Port Saint Lucie, Dec 18, 2020 ( – FivebalanceUSA is a Crypto Startup targeting depression and aimed at self-improvement?

FiveBalanceUSA is a crypto startup company that has developed a unique self-improvement application with the same name available on the Google Play store. The app intends to serve people dealing with depression, by rewarding them with FBN cryptocurrency upon achieving their personal customized goals in 5F categories (Fit, financial, Family, Flair, and Faith).

Depression and mental health problems are no longer trivial issues and are very prevalent in people of all ages worldwide. According to WHO, depression is a leading cause of disability and has a life-altering effect. Severe depression can result in suicide, a leading cause of death in teenagers and people in their twenties. Depression is caused by a complicated interaction of social, psychological, and biological factors. Still, the condition is manageable by personal efforts, proper guidance, and using prevention techniques. These methods can lead to self-improvement, and everyone dealing with the situation can live a dignified life. FivebalanceUSA mission is to support all these people who desire to have a prosperous, productive life.

Introduction to FiveBalanceUSA:

FivebalanceUSA is a unique crypto startup company that has a unique approach to self-improvement. The Fivebalance self-improvement mobile app is designed for people striving to fix their problems and enhance the quality of life. The application facilitates the users to record their performance in five distinct categories. Fit, Financial, Family, Flair, and Faith. The users are allowed to customize their own goals in all these categories and receive rewards upon completing the objectives.

FBN and It’s Uses:

FiveBalance Coin (FBN) is a cryptocurrency designed to reward the users who are achieving their goals, which will boost their motivation to stay on the right track towards self-improvement. The platform uses a K.P.I calculation method, and users are allowed to create, choose, and share their targets and accomplishments in the form of K.P.I score with other users on the platform. This will encourage other users and inspire them to work hard to achieve their self-improvement goals. FBN could be used to unlock premium indicators of high performers. FBN coin can also be utilized to purchase merchandise on the platform.

Key Features of the application:

The application is user friendly and is designed to facilitate people all over the world. The key characteristics of the application are
The application has a personal key performance indicator that allows its users to quantify their achievements and easily share them with other members on the platform.
The users are rewarded with cryptocurrency rewards for their achievements at the end of every month.
The use of cryptocurrency is to reward and Incentivize users to meet their goals. They have updated their new blockchain and Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu Wallets for enhanced user experience.
The app allows its users to connect with people with similar objectives so they can inspire each other and work together towards their self-improvement goals.
The users can find numerous self-improvement articles updated monthly to improve their performance in the 5F categories.

For details about the startup, the leadership, the company’s whitepaper, and upcoming updates visit the links: or contact them on their Social Media feeds.
Contact Information:
Contact Person Name: Tony
Company: FivebalanceUSA
Email: [email protected]