Healthcare provider offers options for the unemployed

Coliseum Medical Centers saw the problem of unemployment and opened an uninsured patient advisor hotline.

MACON, Ga. — Coliseum Medical Centers are offering additional resources to the unemployed.

The pandemic has caused a lot of people to be without work and that often means losing health insurance, along with their job. But there are options available for the unemployed. 

Donnie Brown is one of the many Georgians waiting for help from the state Department of Labor.

“The bad part is I got sick in January. I was in the hospital for three days and it cost me about $5,000,” Brown said. “I got where I called once or twice a week and I still haven’t heard anything from them.”

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Brown says he lost his job in August of 2019, only getting 14 weeks of help. After that, the help stopped. Brown then only had his savings to live on. 

Coliseum Medical Centers saw the problem and offered help.

“In mid-May, we opened an uninsured patient advisor hotline,” Coliseum CEO Stephen Daugherty said. 

She explained further what that means.

“First of all, we are not selling insurance. This strictly is a place to call. We help them navigate what their options might be, rather that’s eligibility for COBRA, eligibility for one of the health exchange programs,” Daugherty said. 

Places like Houston Healthcare, The Macon Volunteer Clinic, Navicent and your healthcare provider might also be able to help through this pandemic.  

“The last thing anybody wants to be presented with is a bankrupting bill from the hospital,” Daugherty said.

With some medical options available, Brown is again focused on getting his unemployment questions answered.

“Call me back and let me know and you did get my message, don’t leave me hanging,” Brown said. 

Daugherty says if you don’t feel well, you should still go to the hospital instead of pushing it off. You can reach the hotline for help by calling 833-541-5757.

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