Here’s how DIY can help you with your mental health

According to a recently conducted research by a Psychology department of an Ivy League college in the US, DIYing is a mood lifter and offers a range of mental health benefits that are associated with crafting up something special.

DIY has more to offer

Mental health expert Dr Shalini Verma suggests, “Crafting and engaging in creative activities may help decrease anxiety, stress, and mood disturbances, as well as improve well-being and quality of life. One who engaged in arts and crafts, such as music, painting, drawing, textile crafts, and creative writing experienced lower levels of mental distress. They also experienced higher levels of mental functioning and life satisfaction.”


Beyond boredom
Doodling, has a range of mental health benefits too, including relaxation and reducing stress, mood regulation, memory recall, and creativity. Art therapist Raveena Singhania says, “Alternatively, you can doodle on a plain tote bag for an artsy aunt or uncle. You can even turn your regular greeting cards into doodling masterpieces. All you need is plain card stock and some markers to make beautiful designs.”

Baking is fun

BeFunky-collage (2)

Baking not only makes the whole house smell festive and inviting, but it also provides mental health benefits. Homebaker Avantika Deo says, “Culinary therapy is amazing. Baking also makes for a versatile gift that’s good for just about anyone. Make a plate of gingerbread cookies for the office, some sugar cookies for little ones in the family, or some peppermint fudge for dad.

You can even make gluten-free and sugar-free variations to suit different health needs.

DIY clay session has a zentastic feel to it


Clay work has long been incorporated into art therapy as a means of creative expression. Research suggests it has therapeutic qualities, like increasing self-expression and reflection. A 2012 study on creative clay work suggests that clay handling may greatly reduce negative moods and enhance positive ones.