Today, everybody is obsessed with their wellness. Wellness involves quite a lot, including working out to get fit and throwing away other toxic beauty products to move to green skincare products. Herbivore skincare items are a hundred percent organic and contain no chemicals or preservatives that have side effects on your skin for a long time.

If you are smart about your health, you cut out eating junk food and shop for organic produce. The next phase is to look at the items you use to keep fresh and wash your skin. There are clean beauty products for every purpose that you might require. Here are some of the key beauty shifts you should consider this year.

  1. Have all-natural deodorants

After you take your shower, the next step is to apply your deodorant. First, ditch your antiperspirant. Your body is meant to sweat. Sweating relieves the body of toxic substances and cools off the body. There is no way you will want to prevent your body from  functioning normally. When you block the body pores, you are making it hard for the body to release toxins.

You are likely to find aluminum as a core ingredient in your antiperspirant. Its main function is to block the body’s sweat pores. Aluminum has been linked to various skin dangers that can be fatal. Now you know, the skin problems emanate from aluminum and not your sweat.

Shift to herbivore skincare items, and you maintain the fresh fragrance while at the same time allowing your body to process normal body functions.

  1. Herbivore sunscreen

Many consumers find their sunscreens to be having harmful ingredients and sometimes even unbalancing hormonal productions and functions. Tests from blood, breast milk, and many other body fluids indicate the presence of sunscreen chemicals.

Sunscreens themselves do not reduce skin cancer rates; it is important for consumers to not fully relying on the product. You can use clothing to cover yourself, and when need is, natural herbivore skincare sunscreens are available for use.

It would help if you used sunscreen not to cause further harm to your skin and prevent early aging, skin burns, cancer, etc. Herbivore sunscreens are professionally made, and all factors likely to harm skin are considered. Look for the ingredients to get the right product that you are not allergic to.

  1. Do away with heavily fragranced items

If a beauty item has a concentrated fragrance, chances are it contains toxic chemicals or hormone disruptors. Green beauty products tend not to have strong fragrances as they are natural, and the scents are never that strong. You should have an exception if the aroma is from natural plants and essential oils.

If you are looking for a natural deodorant or any other non-toxic beauty product, at Happy Monkey, we are more than happy to take your order and get you the best item for your skincare.