‘It’s learning to live with it’

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – COVID numbers across the country have increased slightly in recent weeks. But, what about virus numbers here in Siouxland?

Kevin Grieme, Director of the Siouxland District Health Department, said he’s also seen that slight increase over the last few weeks in Woodbury County.

As the cases of the Delta variant surge, Grieme said we’ll continue to see the virus change.

As time goes on, Grieme believes COVID will stay with us.

“We don’t know what the treatment will be, we just know that COVID is here. It’s learning to live with it and how to manage it best and minimize the impact on us. Those are the strategies that we just need to employ and get comfortable with and figure out for sure what’s the best recommendation. We’re learning more all the time. By next year we’ll probably know another 12 months’ worth of information,” said Kevin Grieme.

Grieme said while they have seen an uptick in COVID cases, they’ve also seen more people who want to get the vaccine.

“We had a higher demand request for vaccine last week. So, we’re pleased to see that. We won’t know those numbers until next week for sure of what that resulted in. But, I think our clinics are beginning to see more people requesting it, willing to accept it. So, that’s a good indicator,” said Kevin Grieme.

Grieme added, if you haven’t gotten your vaccine yet, it’s available at various locations around Siouxland, and is free. He encourages those who want to get tested to go to places like urgent care or even a pharmacy that offers testing.

“One of the things we’re beginning to hear is that some people are simply going to the emergency rooms just to get a COVID test. Particularly a negative test for travel. That is some of the things that begin to overwhelm and creates the crowds there,” said Grieme.

If you are vaccinated and are showing symptoms of COVID, Grieme encourages you to go in and get tested to see if you should be isolating. He added, they are seeing lessened symptoms in those who are fully vaccinated if they do get the virus.

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