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NEW YORK, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Triple2 Digital (T2D), a full-service digital agency specializing in building and deploying software, hardware and providing managed services, has recently completed development of the platform powering Live Chair Health, a patient engagement company focused on improving health and wellness for African Americans. T2D was selected by Live Chair to develop and manage a HIPAA compliant platform, including both the front-facing user experience and interface as well as back-end dashboards for managing data and incentive programs.

“Live Chair Health is a visionary company making it as convenient as possible for people to receive diagnostic and potentially preemptive healthcare services,” said Anthony DiPrizio, CEO and founder of T2D. “To help Live Chair Health realize its vision and execute the concept, we developed a solution that could not only manage a robust volume of data but also protect highly sensitive health information at all times, in compliance with HIPAA privacy laws. We’re looking forward to continuing our partnership with Live Chair Health, working together to evolve features and introduce kiosks into more locations.”

Live Chair Health builds networks of non-clinical and clinical resources and offers in-person and digital services. Combining high-touch encouragement from a trusted barber or stylist, and high-tech digital and in-app “nudges,” barbershop and salon clients are encouraged to address minority health disparities. The Live Chair Health program recruits barbershops and salons and leverages the influence of those hair care professionals to initiate client discussions about chronic health issues that disproportionately affect Black communities.

Barbershop and salon owners and incentivized to encourage their customers to engage the Live Chair Health kiosks while in their establishments. While the initial engagement occurs on the kiosks where basic information is collected, two-factor authentication integrated by T2D bounces the process to the user’s personal device for inputting private health information and, if desired, to be connected to a physician. To ensure privacy and total compliance, T2D developed a cloud server separate from Live Chair Health’s CRM, where private health data is securely stored.

“We selected T2D to be our technology partner as they were able to truly understand the vision for Live Chair Health and build a scalable and agile platform,” said Andrew Suggs, Live Chair Health CEO. “We are excited to continue to evolve the platform in tandem with T2D to bring healthcare services to African Americans in the places they physically frequent and trust and closing the life expectancy that exists today.”

Currently, Live Chair Health kiosks powered by T2D’s platform are in use in approximately 25 barbershops in the Northeast, and have already expanded to beauty salons and churches. T2D will provide ongoing support and maintenance while also developing new features, such as analyzing scrubbed and anonymized data and applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict and anticipate where health services may be needed.

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