MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine spotlight: Pitch Perfect Health IT track (video)

The MedCity INVEST Precision Medicine healthcare conference earlier this month drew together healthcare and life science executives spotlighting many topics tied to precision medicine. In a series of videos from the virtual conference, we highlight some of these compelling conversations.

Healthcare startups are an important part of MedCity’s events. The Health IT track of the Pitch Perfect contest highlights the work of five healthcare startups.

They include:

Destroke is a digital health company developing a mobile app for automated clinical stroke detection.  This app uses speech, face, and motion recognition technologies to detect the signs of stroke, based on the validated NIH stroke scale, and can report these findings to patients, loved ones, telestroke providers, healthcare providers, and EMS.  This app is intended to be used by those at risk for stroke, such as patients who have had a stroke or those with cardiovascular risk factors, as well as healthcare providers who may not have expertise in stroke detection.

CEO: Evan Noch, MD

Headquarters: New York, NY

DrugViu’s digital platform makes medical research more inclusive and accessible by making it easy for diverse people living with autoimmune diseases to contribute their clinical grade data to research and participate in clinical research.

CEO: Kwaku Owusu

Headquarters: New York, NY

Backdrop Health, Inc. has created novel machine-learning and AI software that maximizes the value of electronic medical records, enabling a new level of precision predictive medicine. Backdrop’s solution radically extends the established concept of comorbidity (the occurrence of more than one condition in a patient at a time, such as obesity and diabetes). Given any body of medical records our software creates the backdrop for those records. A backdrop is a rich and comprehensive knowledge graph that captures the relationship of every clinical and demographic factor to every other factor. Querying the backdrop can bring massive benefits to clinical trials of new drugs, making it easier for pharmaceutical companies to bring new therapies to market, and to all aspects of personalized medicine, enabling health care providers to preemptively identify health issues and improve patient outcomes. Backdrop Health was launched in 2020 to commercialize this mature technology developed over four years at The University of Utah.

CEO: Jerry Rudisin

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT

Parallel Profile is on a mission to save lives and billions in wasted healthcare spending by preventing adverse drug reactions.

CEO: Cathy Cather

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Siris Medical

Because oncology is so complex, treatments are highly patient-specific, and outcomes are heavily dependent on clinician expertise and experience. This complexity is even more challenging for healthcare payers, which have limited clinical information to judge value for treatment authorization. These challenges can cause treatment delays and subpar care. Siris Medical’s AI-driven decision-support software solves these challenges simultaneously by providing high-quality care insights for clinicians, while automating prior authorization, leveraging a massive, expert library of over 25,000 patient treatments integrated into clinical workflow.

CEO: Colin Carpenter, PhD

Headquarters: Burlingame, CA and Boston, MA

The judges are:

Siddarth Sridhar is a corporate development associate with Centene’s global M&A group.

Aron Starosta is VP of Commercialization and New Ventures, University City Science Center.

To find out who won, click here.

To learn how to apply for the Pitch Perfect contest at INVEST 2021, click here. 

Featured Photo: Adam Taylor, Getty Images