Online Retailing and COVID-19: Health & Fitness, Home & Garden Showing Strongest Demand

BOISE, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ClickBank, a global online retailer and affiliate marketplace, today released its first quarterly Rundown Report (, pulling data from more than 3.5 million transactions the company processed globally earlier this year. Developed to analyze and share up-to-date insights with online businesses and the broader public, the free report’s findings show how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the world of online retailing, including:

  • Health & Fitness product sales are up more than 150{50531db320f8e8a316d79d6a285e47c71b6e4f6739df32858cb86474d7e720e9}, compared to the same period of 2019;
  • Home & Garden sales have seen a surge of more than 80{50531db320f8e8a316d79d6a285e47c71b6e4f6739df32858cb86474d7e720e9} since 2019;
  • In looking at transactions in more than 200 countries, two Scandinavian nations (Denmark and Norway) have shown the strongest conversion of Web site visitors to sales (conversion rate), with the United States close behind, in 4th position.

The report also examines the most in-demand sub-categories in online retailing, with results mirroring the top-level categories. For example, sales of Dietary Supplements have skyrocketed by more than 500{50531db320f8e8a316d79d6a285e47c71b6e4f6739df32858cb86474d7e720e9} in the Health & Fitness category, while E-Commerce Operations products and tools have seen an increase of more than 300{50531db320f8e8a316d79d6a285e47c71b6e4f6739df32858cb86474d7e720e9}.

In addition, the report assesses what days of the week have the strongest conversion rates of Web site visits to sales, the nations with the highest conversion rates, and the types and prices of products (both physical and online) showing the highest conversion rates.

“In our 22 years of online retailing, we’ve never seen a period quite like 2020 and we feel the time is right to publicly share data, to help both online businesses and consumers navigate this new reality and to set the stage for future reports,” said Kuba Poraj-Kuczewski, ClickBank Vice President. “While COVID-19 has had a profoundly negative effect on many areas of the economy, we’ve seen several categories show strong growth, as consumers make purchases tied to specific areas of need and interest.”

The company plans to add declining categories and other data to future reports.

About ClickBank

ClickBank ( is a global online retailer and affiliate marketplace. The company sells a variety of physical and online products to consumers in more than 200 countries. Founded in 1998, ClickBank is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.