Teachers, health care workers among many in Triangle updating wills amid COVID-19

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With no end in sight, the coronavirus pandemic is causing people to plan for worst case scenarios — causing people to think about the future more than ever before.

Estate planning businesses across the Triangle are seeing an increase in people wanting to write their wills, including essential workers like health care workers and teachers.

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“I have had a client or two that have been educators and administrators. I expect even more as time goes on and schools open back up,” said Chad Thornton, the sole practitioner of the Thornton Law Firm in Raleigh.

Parents of college students who are headed to campuses filled with thousands of their peers are also looking to get their children’s affairs in order.

“Next week, I’m seeing three of my clients’ children for this purpose before they go to school. Having HIPPA authorizations and healthcare power of attorney for their kids before we send them off has really, well there’s been an uptick,” said Shirley M. Diefenbach, attorney and partner with Walker Lambe Law firm in Durham.

Both attorneys say important things to consider when drafting a will include designating an executor or person to oversee an estate, deciding what happens with property and pets, and choosing beneficiaries.

“You never know when you might catch COVID or might not be able to speak with people. It’s important for peace of mind to know that you have someone to make those decisions. The sooner the better,” said Thornton.

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