Total Access Urgent Care in need of healthcare workers

Only 23 of the 27 sites are open. Chief Medical Officer Troy Dinkel plans to open more if they can hire more staff.

BALLWIN, Mo. — Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers are overflowing with patients.

It’s a problem across the country and it’s putting a strain on healthcare workers.

“Healthcare in particular, they never can escape COVID,” President and Chief Medical Officer of Total Access Urgent Care Troy Dinkel said.

Whether at work or at home, healthcare workers are constantly dealing with COVID-19.

Dr. Troy Dinkel, President and Chief Medical Officer of Total Access Urgent Care, says it’s directly impacting its staffing numbers.

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“There’s never any break in terms of their mindset, and it’s caused a lot of people, there’s been a lot of discussion about burn out and exhaustion across the entire healthcare system internationally,” Dinkel said.

Total Access Urgent Care sees about 1800 patients daily across all of their locations. 

Four of their sites are closed because it’s short on staff.

“Out of these 27 sites, only 23 are open right now. At one point we had 22 and we are trying very hard to open additional sites, but we can’t do that in a way that our team can’t support,” Dinkel said. 

With COVID cases rising, they’ve opened a rapid test clinic that can see 150 patients a day. 

Dinkel wants to open another if they can get more workers.

“We have accurate tests and they are available. Our problem, our challenge has been staffing related, not test supply related,” he said.

Urgent Care is specifically in need of X-Ray technicians, EMTs, medical assistants, and paramedics.

“My genuine hope is as we move through this, we don’t lose as many people. I’m hoping that when things settle down, some people will come back to medicine when they’ve had a little chance to rest,” he said.

For more information on applying, visit the Total Access Urgent Care website.

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