Mindful Eating: The Raisin Activity and Guided Meditation

Have you ever found yourself reaching for a bag of chips or a candy bar without even realizing it? Or maybe you’ve eaten an entire meal while distracted by your phone or television? Here’s a mindful eating guided meditation.



Is Your Gut Making You Tired?

Worn out, weary and ready for a nap by noon? Something may be brewing in your belly. Compromised gut health and changes within the microbiome – the community of organisms that live in the intestines – can drain your energy


7 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Tired

If you’re struggling to get through the day without frequent yawns and a strong desire to close your eyes, you’re not alone. Tiredness is something that 45 percent of Americans experience up to three times a week, despite getting seven


10 Best Nutrition Tips For Marathon Runners, according to an RD

Fueling during a marathon is tricky, but your performance will undoubtedly reach new heights once you nail your marathon nutrition plan. Throw plant-based eating into the mix and you may feel completely overwhelmed with fueling for a marathon.

The good


What to eat before an easy, moderate, hard workout with examples

Your body is like a car, and it needs fuel to function and exercise. Eating before exercise is a vital part of performance and it can help you make the most out of your training.

As a matter of fact,


Top 5 Hcg Diet Plans For Rapid Weight Loss

Have you ever heard of the HCG diet? It’s gained quite a bit of popularity over the years for its potential to help people shed those extra pounds quickly. There are several different variations of the HCG diet plan, so


Self-compassion for shame and motivation

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about self-compassion. It also won’t be the last, because self-compassion is that important, including for shame and motivation. I’ve completed trainings in self compassion because I want my perfectionist self to be more


UPDATED: How to Pick a Protein Powder

First up, let’s talk about ingredients. 

The harsh truth is that many protein powders are absolute trash with ingredients. And they matter, especially if it’s a protein powder you’re using on a daily or regular basis.

  • Artificial Sweeteners – not

3 Ways your Gut Makes or Breaks Your Mental Health

If so, knowing about the impact of gram-negative bacteria overgrowth in your gut on your mental health is a real game-changer.

You see, all gram-negative bacteria contain something called lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or endotoxin which is a pro-inflammatory compound that is   Read More >>

Avocado Benefits for Women – Midwest Goodness

What are the avocado benefits for women? Is avocado good for high blood pressure? Is avocado good for your heart? Read on to learn how and why to incorporate avocados into your daily routine.

Quick Facts About Blood Pressure



Spring Salad + Apple Giveaway

Spring Salad is loaded with roasted asparagus and chickpeas, crispy RubyFrost apples, avocado, radishes, onions and feta cheese, topped with a tangy lemon vinaigrette!

Spring Salad + Apple Giveaway

Spring is finally here! Woo hoo! It was a mild winter here in Michigan but I’m


Top 5 Apps for Tracking Weight Loss | apps and more

A new year is starting, so it’s a great time to set weight loss goals. Losing weight can help improve your health overall and help you feel your best. When you’re ready to begin eating healthier and exercising on a