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  • Personal Connection with BOTH Micah LaCerte and Diana Chaloux – LaCerte.

  • Full Year of Mindset Training and Mental Strategy Development to be successful for the long term.

  • Full Year of Nutrition (complete with

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    Crispy Air Fryer Chickpeas | My 17 Day Diet Blog

    Crispy Air Fryer Chickpeas are a great snack when you want fiber and protein that's plant based

    I always have community members ask for ideas for something crunchy and this Crispy Air Fryer Chickpeas recipe is sure to give you that crunch you’re looking for as well as a satisfying plant-based snack!

    If you’re looking for a


    Eating Disorder Dietitian & Nutritionist in NYC

    What is the difference between working with a dietitian vs. a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders? And are both really necessary?

    Eating Disorder Nutritionist NYC

    This is a common question we get asked, and we thought we’d take an opportunity to answer.

    The difference


    The Best Paleo Chicken Recipes

    Our family eats chicken about 2-3 times a week for dinner. It's basically a staple in our diet. That's why these Paleo chicken recipes are so helpful. I need a lot of different chicken recipes to sustain that many meals.


    Sheet Pan Parmesan Baked Salmon & Broccoli

    Sheet Pan Salmon and Broccoli for a tasty meal that's low carb and healthy for you!

    Salmon is such a great option for better health, weight loss and overall yumminess, but if you’re stuck with the same boring flavor, then shake it up with this tasty Sheet Pan Parmesan Baked Salmon & Broccoli recipe!

    This yummy


    5 Dietary Changes to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

    In oncology rotation in medical school, Mark Hyman, MD asked his professor what percentage of cancer was related to diet. He says in the forward of my book Cancer- Free with Food “Expecting a gracious, but insignificant nod to the


    Tuna Salad Lunch Box – JSHealth

    Tuna Salad Lunch Box – JSHealth

    Lunch box season is here, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this fun and easy recipe with you. It’s perfect for both big kids and little kids alike! 

    When I pack a lunch box, I always make sure


    Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

    These Keto chocolate chip cookies use almond flour as the main ingredient and are sweetened with your choice of Keto brown sugar and your favorite white sugar substitute. They turn out amazingly soft yet a little crunchy and are super


    10 Successful Ways to Stick to Your Diet on Holidays

    Are you finally ready to embark on that dream vacation? But wait, along with excitement, are you also worried about cheating on your holiday diet plan with the local cuisine? After all, you should come back from a vacation with


    Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day Treats

    A collection of healthier options for a kid friendly valentine’s day treats party that include naturally sweetened treats that kids and parents will love.

    Disclosure – This post was originally published here in 2018 but it’s been updated and reposted.


    The Protein Puzzle: Solving Vegetarian Dilemma

    Are you caught in the vegetarian dilemma, wondering if your protein intake stacks up against non-veg options?

    Let’s debunk some myths and dive deeper to learn some tips and tricks to get optimal protein from a vegetarian diet.



    Two-Time Cancer Survivor and Advocate for Natural Wellness

    Two-Time Cancer Survivor: Summary

    Tina Weiss, a two-time cancer survivor, registered nurse, and board-certified FDN practitioner, shares her remarkable journey. From a previous battle with Hodgkin’s disease as a teenager to later grapple with thyroid cancer, Tina recounts the emotional