Eating Disorder Dietitian & Nutritionist in NYC

What is the difference between working with a dietitian vs. a psychotherapist specializing in eating disorders? And are both really necessary?

Eating Disorder Nutritionist NYC

This is a common question we get asked, and we thought we’d take an opportunity to answer.

The difference


Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s Dementia with Mediterranean Diet

Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s Dementia with Mediterranean Diet
Not sure where this is. Leave a comment if you recognize it.

From Queen”s University Belfast:

A Mediterranean diet of seafood, whole grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables could lower the risk of dementia by almost a quarter, according to


How Self-Guided Nutrition Coaching Can Help Me

The Power of Visual Learning: The Benefits of Video Courses in Nutrition Coaching

Visual learning can be a powerful tool in the world of nutrition coaching. Videos can provide an engaging and interactive way to learn about healthy eating habits


How Choosing Your Food Mindfully Can Benefit the Environment

As a mindfulness-based registered dietitian, I am passionate about the power of mindful eating to transform not only our personal relationship with food but also our impact on the environment — merging mindful eating and sustainability.

Mindful eating involves paying


Self-compassion for shame and motivation

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about self-compassion. It also won’t be the last, because self-compassion is that important, including for shame and motivation. I’ve completed trainings in self compassion because I want my perfectionist self to be more


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