Hillsborough Personal Trainer Competes To Be Ms. Health & Fitness

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ — Shannon Kelly, a personal trainer, health coach, and bodybuilder, has once again been chosen to compete to be Ms. Health & Fitness 2020 for Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine.

Kelly says she feels “blessed” to be selected again. She was previously up for the running in 2018.

Kelly is from Somerville and trains locals at her studio For The Love Of Sweat at 170 Township Line Road in Hillsborough.

“It’s been a dream of mine to be featured in Muscle & Fitness HERS Magazine since following my 90s fitness idols Monica Brant, Jenny Lynn, Nicole Wilkins, Jen Hendershott, Erin Stern, Elaine Goodlad, and Adela Garcia,” said Kelly. “I honestly was on the fence about accepting the challenge this year, but after speaking with some friends and asking God for my direction, it’s led me to follow this through because my season of waiting is no more and I’ve prepared for what I’ve prayed for. Through life, love, career, and more.”

Now Kelly needs help from locals to vote her through the competition. Voting is open until July 30 when the top 20 will be selected. Kelly will then advance to the next round of voting. There are a total of 9 rounds before the finals in September.

There is free voting available daily through Facebook. For more information or to vote for Kelly click here.

“I pray my community takes me there this year — I would actually be speechless for once!” Kelly said.

For more information on Kelly and her fitness career visit fortheloveofsweat.com.

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