Mindless or mindful eating ?

Do you snack? :

· While you’re cooking? Or tasting food while you are cooking!

· Working at your desk?

· Watching TV in between mealtimes?

· Even when you’re not hungry?

· In the car on the way to and from work?

You may not even realise that you are snacking and wonder why you are trying everything with your diet but not losing weight. Then when you sit down to eat your main meal you are not hungry.

One way to check, is to write down as you go along everything that you eat and drink. Ask friends and family to observe you and support you become a conscious eater.


If your meal is delayed choose from the following healthy snacks 100kcal recommended in NHS choices:

· cheese and tomato Toastie made with wholegrain crisp bread and low fat cheese

· low cal hot chocolate with mini marsh mellow

· 3 fruit salad

· baked beans on toast

· home -made banana milk shake made with skimmed milk

· home – made popcorn



· Have regular 4 hourly meals? This helps you avoid snacking on unhealthy food.


· Drinking enough daily fluids especially water?

· Write a food diary to help you reflect.

For Specialised Diet and Nutrition advice seek the advice of a Professional Dietitian and Nutritionist Tabby kabeer