Reduce Risk of Alzheimer’s Dementia with Mediterranean Diet

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From Queen”s University Belfast:

A Mediterranean diet of seafood, whole grains, nuts, fruit and vegetables could lower the risk of dementia by almost a quarter, according to a recent study.

Significantly the findings suggested that, even for individuals with a higher genetic predisposition to dementia, having a more Mediterranean-like diet reduced the likelihood of developing dementia.

The study which has been ongoing for the past two years, was led by Newcastle University in collaboration with colleagues from Queen’s University Belfast, University of Exeter, the University of East Anglia and the University of Edinburgh and has been published in the medical journal, BMC Medicine.

This was a large-scale project with analysis of data from over 60,000 older adults in the UK, which explored whether individuals who followed a Mediterranean-like diet had a lower risk of developing dementia than those who did not.

The research found that those with the highest level of adherence to a Mediterranean diet had a 23% reduced risk of developing dementia over a nine-year period than those with the lowest level of adherence.

Steve Parker, M.D.

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Steve Parker MD, Advanced Mediterranean Diet